Thursday, June 29, 2006

So ja, lately I' ve been thinking about random, deep things.......I bet you'd like to know what I've been thinking about, wouldn't you? Ha, I bet you would, but guess what? You don't get to.....well, not right now at any rate. For the past few days I've been colouring line art in paint. It went well I'd say. I really don't know what to type, so ja, heh heh.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spiders, rookers, flowers and a clown's litso

So ja, I've done nothing all day. Pretty much the only thing I've done is watch Memoirs of a Geshia and go on the computer.

Memoirs of a Geshia was a good movie, however, it angered me. It was basically a summary of the book. It didn't describe things that, I felt, needed to be explained. Like what a donna is. Also, if they didn't explain it, they played it down. In the book the whole thing with Saiyuri(sp?) getting a donna, or more, getting Nobu to be her donna, is a huge thing! Another thing that angered me, is that it never really explained what Mayamami(sp? im terrible w/spelling) was to Hatsumomo(sp?). If you had never read the book, I feel that you would be very confused watching this movie, both by the jargon(sp?) and the relationships, or both. /sigh. Oh well, I guess I'm still waiting for the perfect movie that's been made from a book, though I really don't think it will ever happen. I mean, look at society today. So bored by everything that to make a movie we have to base it off something else! Spiderman, The Hulk, Lord of the Rings, Memoirs of a Geshia, and I could go on and on, those are just ones that pop to mind right now.

Gah, whatever, maybe I'm just being to merked up right now. I should go viddy some devotchkas or malchicks. Or maybe go gloss up my glazzies and litso to get some fun.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

You've got a bit of bird on your trunk.

So ja, today I got thinking about a lot of random crap, and it ended up coming to obessions and fears. I am someone that obsesses over too many things too rapidly and I fall apart without them. It seems like I almost need something to obsess over, just so I can keep moving forward in my life. But then I must question: Am I really moving forward? Or am I more moving horizontally, or maybe not at all? How do you define, 'moving forward' in something as huge and vauge as a life. Life is ruled by so many things that are so different but all come together to create one things. You can excell in one aspect but fail in another, would you say you're moving forward, backwards, staying in place? Then, if you do something bad, but it makes you excell in something, or feel good, what direction would you move? Can you really catagorize that kind of thing? I know I said i was thinking about fear and obsession, but I kind of went into a mini-rant about moving forward in life, so ja, deal with it.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Dreamed About You Last Night

So ja, it seems that with every memory lost, a new one is recovered.

Though I don't know how he's doing because I never ran into him this year, I remembered something about a guy, Billy, that I sat behind in eigth grade math. Often times during class when I had finished my work or when I was waiting for something to happen, I would read, often times I would read manga. I always got in trouble for it too. >.>*

Our teacher, Mr. Roiser, was a good guy, but seemed to get mad at our class a little bit too easy compared to his other ones, and often got bad at me for loosing my temper and stabbing someone's binder with a ballpoint pen, I lost the best pens that way...hmmm. Don't get me wrong, Mr. Roiser was an awsome guy and a good teacher, not the best for me, but he taught really well. I actually kind of hope I get him as a teacher in the future since he teaches at my high school now.

Billy would sometimes watch me read and sometimes ask a question about the book, especially if it was manga. He wasn't exactly the kind of person who liked anime and manga either, or a person that would assosiate with somelike me, one of those "weird-creepy-gothic-violent-biting-stabbing-squeaking-will-pull-a-knife-on-you-columbine" kids, he must have been pretty curious, or just a good guy. But he actually talked to me like I was a person, something only some of my friends would do, so I gained respect for him, and he still has it actually. Often times we would carry out conversations all throughout math, we would help each other on things we didn't understand, some of his friends would talk to me too. I might even go as far to say that we became friends.

I walked into class one day, not a bad one or a good one, just an average day. I had my huge binder o' crap I never used because it was for all my classes and I never cleaned it out, I also had my usual stack of books that I read through-out the day. I came in, said hello to two or three people that sat around me, including Billy, and they said hi to me in one way or another; a grunt, movement, or actual responce sometimes. I sat down and read. Mr. Roiser almost always started the class 12 or 20 minutes(yes 12) into the 50 minute class period, so we could check last night's homework, though god knows why because he collected it and checked it himself anyway, and almost never finished more than 5 minutes before the bell rang to release us to our next period. About 10 minutes into the the class and Mr. Roiser hadn't started teaching yet, I'd checked my homework and was reading, when all of the sudden Billy turns around and slams his hand on my desk. Not very surprised, as I came to expect strange behaviour from others, I look up from my book to see him staring me the eyes with a strange expression. "You were in my dream last night!" He told me, almost proudly.

Needless to say, I was quiet shocked by his exclamation, ".....mer?...."

"Yeah," he went on, "I had a dream about you!"

"Um...can you elaborate, maybe?"

"Oh, yeah. Well, we were sitting in class and you gave me one of those backward book things..."

"A manga?" I suggested.

"Yeah, one of those. But you gave me one and you taught me how to read it and I got, like, really obsessed with them! And I, like, always had one with me, and, like, read them all the time. It was really cool!"

"....sounds like a blast Billy...." And I continued reading.

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Friday, June 23, 2006


So, ja, shit's just happend and I need to rant but it's not totally apropiate so it's in beta code. Translate if you want, but it wont make too much sence to anyone but like 4 people, me being one and the other 3 dont read this.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blee Bloo Bleep

So ja, wrote a poem. It, and others on featured on my deviant art at but anywho, the poem I wrote is down under this text, I bet you can see it too, I bet you can, heh. Anyway, it's about me, in a sence, gotta love them metaphorical spews with techies at three am. Also, ignore spelling/grammar errors, heh.

A brand new doll,
Lying in the corner.
Hair done up,
Pink dress, clean and pressed.
Picked up and played with,
For a few years.
But tossed to the ground,
In a flurry,
Of hot, innocent tears.

A chipped doll,
Lying on the grass.
Found and restored.
Parts stuck back on,
Holes sewn right up.
The fixing done,
Ammusment gone,
Thrown over a careless shoulder.

A broken doll,
With pieces scattered on the floor.
Discovered once more,
by someone new.
Picked up and cuddled.
Larger pieces glued together,
And put in place.
A new, better doll seen,
The broken is dropped.
All restoration gone,
New damage done.

Sleeping broken,
Waiting to be stepped on,
New eyes once more spy,
A broken, old doll,
In need of repair.

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"Nothing much, just updating my pizza"

So ja, don't ask about the title, heh. Okay, so I had a 'dream' the other day, and it really stuck out in my mind for some reason. It wasn't even a dream really. I was in the stage where you're half asleep, and still completely perceptive to everything around you, and I'd only been like that for five minutes or so. It wasn't just me thinking either, and it was really.....specific. Well, not specific, but realistic I supose. I don't know how to describe completely what it was. It didn't last too long either, only a few seconds at most.

So, in real life someone IMed me and I heard it from where I was lying down.

Start dream.

I heard the IM and grudgingly got started to get up to check it. There was some guy sitting at my desk, but it didn't surprise me and was completly normal. I scooted up next to him infront of the computer, sitting on my knees, and I looked at the screen. The guy was very familiar, not just a random person, and it wasn't strange that he was in my room, on my computer, while I was lying down. I started reading whatever the computer said, and the guy sitting next to me reached out and patted me on the head and proceeded to move his hand on my back and rub it. It wasn't a gesture that was strange or anything. It wasn't out of place, nor was it expected. It was one of those things that just is. Increasing contact with a person because you're close to them. I read the comment on the computer, and I woke up to actually go check it.

I don't know why this stuck out so much, but it did. I have no clue what it meant, if it meant anything at all, or why I had it. All I know is that thinking back on the dream, the guy was very familiar. If any of the, like, two people that read this know how to interpret dreams and all that jazz, then please help me out here, it really was different, at least for me it was.

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well, today it isnt a comic, but it's just as good,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So ja, I need a life......

No Sleep 'till Florida

So ja, my dad says I need to start sleeping and not staying up all night on the computer. This really sucks. Not because I like to go searching for a bunch of stuff and whore myself around the internet like a lot of people though. It sucks because I need the computer. It's my life. It has almost all my friends, and all the ones that I need, that's for sure. It's my thearapy. I go online, drown myself in web comics for a few days to a month or more and I'll feel better, be numbed to whatever was wrong, or just not care anymore. A web comic is a world that I can dive into and be nobody. We don't have to make our own desisions but we still have freedom to think. I can sit there and watch someone else live life while not having to myself. They can go on a great adventure, I can enjoy it with them. They can have their heart broken, I can feel it with them. They get something great, I can get it with them. It's just another world I can drown my worries in.

Now, why don't I just sleep? Because I don't want to. More, I'm afraid to, I hate to. I love the sensation of sleep, sure, but I hate the result of it. I dream. I don't always remember my dreams, but they still get to me in the waking world. My dreams are good to me. They give me what I want or need or had. Yes, this is all great and all, but then I wake up. I wake up and see what I don't have but want or need or had. I get up, look in the mirror and see me, think of what I had in the dream, whether I want to or not, and it depresses me and I run off the computer and drown myself in it. Yes, this still sometimes happens whether I'm sleeping or not, but at least I don't get extroidenarly vivid images of it.

Anywho, I don't really know where I'm going with this, so ja......I hate the voices in my head.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

X . X

So ja, I get up and go to work. Throughout the whole day I have multiple voices running through my head telling me what I want and do not want and maybe I want it because of this, or maybe I just want it. OH MAH GAWD!!! Sometimes I think I'm just going crazy and the- hold crap.....It's ten 'till ten already.....damn.....time flys when youre about to jab a knife into youre head to make the thinking stop, eh? God, it's all so confuzzleing because currently(yes, it changes >.>') I have three main mind sets. One dwells and the other looks forward and one that just makes sure I don't die. The one that dwells currently has like three or four lil guys inside it talking and arguing. The one that looks forward is just a confused lil fruitcake that thinks two things and argues with it's self. And finally the third is just trying to listen to them all and figure out what's right and wrong and what to do and where to go and how to act and it's about to just give up and die. But alas, sharpies and paper are always fun.

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Fritzi vs The Chat Room

So ja.....friends and I are in a chat room....i've decided to share it with you. Also, if anyone IMs any of these people besides me, kitycatkitkat, then i shall hunt you down! Ha, but no, please don't IM these people without permission. It's very very very long.

(1:07:56 AM) You have just entered room "wegotobedatsixthirty."
gavorama (1:08:02 AM): howdy ariel
kitycatkitkat (1:08:05 AM): hi
gavorama (1:08:09 AM): shannons gone
Sparkie1214 (1:08:11 AM): hi
gavorama (1:08:14 AM): but julies here
gavorama (1:08:21 AM): her icons a man, but shes a girl
kitycatkitkat (1:08:23 AM): hi julie
gavorama (1:08:24 AM): believe it or not
kitycatkitkat (1:08:25 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:08:27 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:08:32 AM): its ben affleck! hes hot
gavorama (1:08:45 AM): burn
kitycatkitkat (1:08:51 AM): ew
kitycatkitkat (1:08:57 AM): ben affleck isnt that good looking
kitycatkitkat (1:09:00 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:09:32 AM): oh well i think so
Sparkie1214 (1:09:36 AM): but thats ok
kitycatkitkat (1:09:36 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:09:37 AM): haha
kitycatkitkat (1:09:39 AM): ^.^
Sparkie1214 (1:10:14 AM): :D
kitycatkitkat (1:10:35 AM): /poke
gavorama (1:10:40 AM): ow
gavorama (1:10:46 AM): not on my special arm
kitycatkitkat (1:10:52 AM): gah!
Sparkie1214 (1:11:02 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:11:05 AM): wow
kitycatkitkat (1:11:05 AM): and then you had to tell me you were washing it too
gavorama (1:11:21 AM): well after you touched it....
kitycatkitkat (1:11:44 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:13:27 AM): :-D
kitycatkitkat (1:13:31 AM): ^.^
kitycatkitkat (1:13:39 AM): god, i never wanna touch your arm again gavin
kitycatkitkat (1:13:40 AM): ew
gavorama (1:15:12 AM): im sorry
kitycatkitkat (1:15:16 AM): lol
gavorama (1:17:20 AM): julie
gavorama (1:17:36 AM): do you know jeremes gone a week with only one hour of sleep?
kitycatkitkat (1:17:53 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (1:17:55 AM): ive done that
gavorama (1:18:14 AM): i havent slept for 3 weeks....
kitycatkitkat (1:18:26 AM): lol, at all?
gavorama (1:18:28 AM): ....thats a long time to be asleep
Jinxawoo (1:19:51 AM): mm chat rooms
Sparkie1214 (1:19:51 AM): wow
Sparkie1214 (1:19:57 AM): you guys are crazy
kitycatkitkat (1:20:02 AM): zomg it's shannon
Jinxawoo (1:20:14 AM): zomg
kitycatkitkat (1:20:22 AM): ZOMG
kitycatkitkat (1:20:29 AM): zomg zomg zomg
gavorama (1:20:39 AM): xomg!
Sparkie1214 (1:21:04 AM): zomg?
kitycatkitkat (1:21:07 AM): ZOMG
kitycatkitkat (1:21:08 AM): lol
gavorama (1:21:20 AM): yomg!
Sparkie1214 (1:21:21 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:21:33 AM): BLAH!
Jinxawoo (1:22:02 AM): dot dot dot
kitycatkitkat (1:22:04 AM): blarg
gavorama (1:22:36 AM): zombocom
Sparkie1214 (1:23:41 AM): cough cough
Jinxawoo (1:23:43 AM): this chat room is boring
gavorama (1:23:52 AM): *prod*
gavorama (1:24:05 AM): *zap*
kitycatkitkat (1:24:23 AM): /pokes gavin's arm
gavorama (1:24:38 AM): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
gavorama (1:24:41 AM): wait
gavorama (1:24:44 AM): hahahahha
gavorama (1:24:50 AM): wrong arm!
gavorama (1:24:57 AM): *judo chop*
gavorama (1:25:06 AM): and now you cant poke my other one!
kitycatkitkat (1:25:06 AM): /pokes other arm
gavorama (1:25:16 AM): too late!
gavorama (1:25:19 AM): gavin wins
Jinxawoo (1:25:24 AM): nu uh
kitycatkitkat (1:25:26 AM): fine, *shoots off both arms*
Jinxawoo (1:25:28 AM): shannon wins
Sparkie1214 (1:25:28 AM): *rolls eyes*
gavorama (1:25:29 AM): damn
kitycatkitkat (1:25:34 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (1:25:36 AM): haha your good
gavorama (1:25:56 AM): *bullets dodge gavin*
Jinxawoo (1:25:59 AM): ok now that everyones all hapily entertained in this chat
gavorama (1:26:01 AM): HEHEHEHE
Jinxawoo (1:26:04 AM): im going back to the sims for awhile
Sparkie1214 (1:26:12 AM): o0o i love the sims
Sparkie1214 (1:26:12 AM): which one?
gavorama (1:26:13 AM): :(
Jinxawoo (1:26:14 AM): 2
Sparkie1214 (1:26:25 AM): NICE!
kitycatkitkat (1:26:26 AM): shannon, you are a soiled harrlet
gavorama (1:26:29 AM): well miss you shannon
Sparkie1214 (1:26:34 AM): bi shannon
gavorama (1:26:41 AM): promise my youll write us
kitycatkitkat (1:26:43 AM): bye shanny panties
kitycatkitkat (1:26:44 AM): lol
gavorama (1:26:45 AM): me*
kitycatkitkat (1:26:51 AM): lol
gavorama (1:27:23 AM): theory: RETAINERS SUCK
Jinxawoo (1:27:35 AM): agreed
Jinxawoo (1:27:37 AM): sorry
Jinxawoo (1:27:39 AM): im leaving now
Sparkie1214 (1:27:47 AM): lol i agree as well
kitycatkitkat (1:28:18 AM): ha, i dont have a retainer
Sparkie1214 (1:28:25 AM): lucky person
gavorama (1:28:40 AM): but youre SHORT
gavorama (1:28:43 AM): ha
kitycatkitkat (1:28:53 AM): yes, im short
gavorama (1:29:16 AM): heh
gavorama (1:29:22 AM): some bitch wrote on my wall in facebook
gavorama (1:29:24 AM): wonder who...
kitycatkitkat (1:29:55 AM): hmmm
Sparkie1214 (1:29:56 AM): me? perhaps??
kitycatkitkat (1:29:57 AM): not me
gavorama (1:30:10 AM): good song
gavorama (1:30:40 AM): i bet shannon is making little computer people bang eachother
gavorama (1:30:49 AM): .... society these days
Sparkie1214 (1:31:16 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (1:31:25 AM): i bet
kitycatkitkat (1:31:30 AM): she does that you know
gavorama (1:31:40 AM): i know she does
Sparkie1214 (1:32:02 AM): haha
gavorama (1:32:13 AM): its like sim porn
Sparkie1214 (1:32:17 AM): i do that...but just so they can have babies!!
gavorama (1:32:18 AM): shannons a perv
Sparkie1214 (1:32:19 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (1:32:36 AM): she is
kitycatkitkat (1:32:39 AM): lol
gavorama (1:32:48 AM): shannons people are not ready for children
Sparkie1214 (1:32:51 AM): lol
gavorama (1:32:52 AM): shes so unresponsible
gavorama (1:35:02 AM): so uh
gavorama (1:35:09 AM): you ladies come here often?
Sparkie1214 (1:35:25 AM): oh like every single day
kitycatkitkat (1:35:37 AM): oh ja
gavorama (1:35:40 AM): its a nice little joint
gavorama (1:35:42 AM): si
Sparkie1214 (1:36:15 AM): heck yes
gavorama (1:36:33 AM): yeah yeah yeah
Jinxawoo (1:38:30 AM): gavorama (1:30:35 PM): i bet shannon is making little computer people bang eachother
Jinxawoo (1:38:34 AM): gavorama (1:32:08 PM): its like sim porn
Jinxawoo (1:38:40 AM): kitycatkitkat (1:31:24 PM): she does that you know
Jinxawoo (1:38:47 AM): THANKS
kitycatkitkat (1:38:58 AM): anytime
Jinxawoo (1:39:58 AM): mm
gavorama (1:42:04 AM): boo
kitycatkitkat (1:42:04 AM): boo
Sparkie1214 (1:42:06 AM): BOO
Jinxawoo (1:42:09 AM): oh
kitycatkitkat (1:42:18 AM): i bet you were scared
Jinxawoo (1:42:21 AM): is gavin back?
kitycatkitkat (1:42:33 AM): hey shannon, guess what
gavorama (1:42:56 AM): shannon: what?
Jinxawoo (1:43:08 AM): what
kitycatkitkat (1:43:09 AM): chicken butt
gavorama (1:43:20 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
kitycatkitkat (1:43:22 AM): brb
Jinxawoo (1:43:22 AM): Gavin: im stupid
gavorama (1:43:34 AM): you are stupid gavin
gavorama (1:43:37 AM): wait.....
Jinxawoo (1:43:53 AM): and just to punish you
Jinxawoo (1:43:58 AM): im going back to sims
gavorama (1:44:12 AM): :/
Sparkie1214 (1:44:54 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (1:45:24 AM): lol, back
gavorama (1:45:33 AM): she left me this long message about me signing off and going to sleep
Sparkie1214 (1:46:33 AM): interesting
kitycatkitkat (1:46:43 AM): lol
gavorama (1:47:07 AM): who speaks spanish?
Sparkie1214 (1:47:24 AM): french for me
gavorama (1:47:29 AM): sweet
gavorama (1:47:34 AM): i think this is french
Sparkie1214 (1:47:35 AM): oh u know it
kitycatkitkat (1:47:35 AM): im in german
Sparkie1214 (1:47:39 AM): o0o kewl
gavorama (1:47:41 AM): hump de bump
gavorama (1:47:46 AM): what does that mean?
Sparkie1214 (1:47:55 AM): idk...ive never heard of that
Sparkie1214 (1:48:03 AM): its something of something
Sparkie1214 (1:48:04 AM): haha
gavorama (1:48:06 AM): hump of bump
kitycatkitkat (1:48:08 AM): ....
Sparkie1214 (1:48:15 AM): great explanation i know
kitycatkitkat (1:48:48 AM): hold on, i have to find something heavy
Sparkie1214 (1:48:54 AM): for wat...??
gavorama (1:49:02 AM): maybe it is refering to the hump of a bump
gavorama (1:49:21 AM): maybe a big bump
gavorama (1:49:29 AM): on a mans body?
kitycatkitkat (1:50:00 AM): oh, a man's body
kitycatkitkat (1:50:05 AM): hey guess what
gavorama (1:50:07 AM): so the hump of a penis
gavorama (1:50:16 AM): so its about the sexual urges of a man
gavorama (1:50:19 AM): interesting
Sparkie1214 (1:50:19 AM): LMAO
kitycatkitkat (1:50:21 AM): lol
gavorama (1:50:24 AM): we tore that sucker apart
Sparkie1214 (1:50:39 AM): rotfl
gavorama (1:50:51 AM): whered that t come from?
gavorama (1:50:57 AM): ROFL
kitycatkitkat (1:51:12 AM): ROFL the WAFFEL
gavorama (1:51:30 AM): !p4 j00 c4n7 741|<>
kitycatkitkat (2:11:26 AM): and youre the result
Sparkie1214 (2:11:29 AM): haha
Sakurachix (2:11:30 AM): imgood with that
kitycatkitkat (2:11:35 AM): lol
gavorama (2:11:38 AM): im not used to you being a BITCH
gavorama (2:11:41 AM): seriously
kitycatkitkat (2:11:43 AM): hmm, water restrictions
Jinxawoo (2:11:53 AM): im just kidding
kitycatkitkat (2:11:56 AM): hold on, i gotta pay attention
Sakurachix (2:11:59 AM): whos being a bitch
Jinxawoo (2:12:08 AM): my cat
kitycatkitkat (2:12:10 AM): okay
Sparkie1214 (2:12:10 AM): haha...this is interessant
gavorama (2:12:11 AM): you, o'shanner
kitycatkitkat (2:12:14 AM): it's not in austin
kitycatkitkat (2:12:18 AM): it's in lexington
kitycatkitkat (2:12:20 AM): it's all good
Sakurachix (2:12:29 AM): ok
Sparkie1214 (2:12:48 AM): okie dokie
kitycatkitkat (2:12:53 AM): lol, i watch thte news
Sparkie1214 (2:12:59 AM): crazy person
Sakurachix (2:13:06 AM): wow thats great
Sparkie1214 (2:13:10 AM): jk
Jinxawoo (2:13:17 AM): i know gavin holds illegal vacume races underground at night
Sparkie1214 (2:13:18 AM): i just canNOT watch the news
kitycatkitkat (2:13:23 AM): i like it
Sparkie1214 (2:13:32 AM): i just think its depressing
Sakurachix (2:13:33 AM): i hate the news
Sparkie1214 (2:13:42 AM): i watch E!news
gavorama (2:13:42 AM): daily show is the only thing i can stand
Sparkie1214 (2:13:47 AM): if that counts at all
Jinxawoo (2:13:49 AM): yes the daily show!
Sakurachix (2:13:58 AM): i wach e news 2
Sparkie1214 (2:14:02 AM): OMG!
Sakurachix (2:14:07 AM): yeah
kitycatkitkat (2:14:10 AM): i watch the news, the daily show and the colbert report
Jinxawoo (2:14:13 AM): i get my news, but its twisted out of porportion
Sparkie1214 (2:14:14 AM): u guys like sexiest....
kitycatkitkat (2:14:24 AM): what?
Sakurachix (2:14:29 AM): ?
gavorama (2:15:14 AM): im all corn-fused now
kitycatkitkat (2:15:32 AM): well im confuzzled
Sakurachix (2:15:34 AM): yeah im confused 2
Jinxawoo (2:15:40 AM): well im conpooped
gavorama (2:15:42 AM): the sequel
Sparkie1214 (2:15:43 AM): its on E!
Sakurachix (2:15:55 AM): like right now
Sparkie1214 (2:15:59 AM): like sexiest brunettes...hookups...
kitycatkitkat (2:16:05 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (2:16:07 AM): not now...but its played on e
Jinxawoo (2:16:08 AM): i hate e! news
kitycatkitkat (2:16:09 AM): i have redish hair right now
Sparkie1214 (2:16:13 AM): y?
Sakurachix (2:16:20 AM): i have purple
Jinxawoo (2:16:21 AM): cause it doesent have real news
gavorama (2:16:22 AM): i hate e!
gavorama (2:16:32 AM): and most of mtv
Sparkie1214 (2:16:33 AM): u even watch e! gavin?
gavorama (2:16:37 AM): and all of vh1
Jinxawoo (2:16:46 AM): though i hate the real news too
Sparkie1214 (2:16:46 AM): wat kind of person are u?
Jinxawoo (2:16:47 AM): its too sad
Sakurachix (2:16:47 AM): i love mtv and vh1
Sparkie1214 (2:16:51 AM): me 2
Jinxawoo (2:16:52 AM): i hate mtv
Jinxawoo (2:16:55 AM): it used to be cool
Sparkie1214 (2:16:57 AM): weirdos u all are
Jinxawoo (2:16:57 AM): but its dead now
Sparkie1214 (2:16:58 AM): jk
kitycatkitkat (2:17:06 AM): ew, i hate mtv
gavorama (2:17:09 AM): exactly
Jinxawoo (2:17:13 AM): its so bad
Jinxawoo (2:17:21 AM): like its got all this staged reality crap
gavorama (2:17:22 AM): who watches adult swim?
Jinxawoo (2:17:29 AM): laguana beach, viva la bam...
Sakurachix (2:17:31 AM): i watch adult swi,m
Jinxawoo (2:17:36 AM): i do!
gavorama (2:17:37 AM): yay
Sparkie1214 (2:17:42 AM): i hated laguna beach
kitycatkitkat (2:17:44 AM): i watch the news >.>
Jinxawoo (2:17:45 AM): does anyone remember when it first came out and it was just anime
Sakurachix (2:17:46 AM): i love adult swim
Jinxawoo (2:17:49 AM): and we wre in 5thgrade
gavorama (2:17:51 AM): i less than three adult swim
Jinxawoo (2:17:52 AM): ariel would
gavorama (2:17:57 AM): aqua teen
gavorama (2:18:01 AM): oblongs
gavorama (2:18:04 AM): robot chicken
Jinxawoo (2:18:08 AM): i love robot chicken
Jinxawoo (2:18:20 AM): i hated squidbillys
Jinxawoo (2:18:27 AM): or however you spel lit
gavorama (2:18:27 AM): yeah
gavorama (2:18:32 AM): my dad liked that
kitycatkitkat (2:18:33 AM): i remember when it first came out
gavorama (2:18:41 AM): home movies
Jinxawoo (2:18:43 AM): i remember the preview commercials
kitycatkitkat (2:18:47 AM): i liked home movies
Sparkie1214 (2:18:48 AM): i dont watch adult swim....
Sakurachix (2:18:56 AM): ur a loser julie
Sparkie1214 (2:19:00 AM): thank you em!
Sparkie1214 (2:19:02 AM): so nice
Sparkie1214 (2:19:05 AM): so loving
Sakurachix (2:19:05 AM): np
Sparkie1214 (2:19:09 AM): so dumb
Jinxawoo (2:19:11 AM): whos sparkie and sakura?
kitycatkitkat (2:19:12 AM): i dont watch it relaly either
Sparkie1214 (2:19:14 AM): HAH BURN!
Sparkie1214 (2:19:20 AM): jk rm
Sparkie1214 (2:19:22 AM): em**
Sakurachix (2:19:22 AM): stfu
Sparkie1214 (2:19:29 AM): no im good
Sakurachix (2:19:34 AM): w/e
gavorama (2:19:34 AM): no wonder im confused
Sparkie1214 (2:19:38 AM): *bitch slap*
Jinxawoo (2:19:43 AM): whos sparkie and sakura?
Jinxawoo (2:19:45 AM): whos sparkie and sakura?whos sparkie and sakura?whos sparkie and sakura?whos sparkie and sakura?whos sparkie and sakura?whos sparkie and sakura?
gavorama (2:19:46 AM): the icons on my comp for shannon and em are the same
gavorama (2:19:51 AM): i cant tell them apart
gavorama (2:19:53 AM): weird....
Jinxawoo (2:20:06 AM): icons?
kitycatkitkat (2:20:15 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (2:20:17 AM): icons?
Sakurachix (2:20:20 AM): julie u r a suka
Sakurachix (2:20:41 AM): what icons
Sparkie1214 (2:20:44 AM): at least im not a BAKA ONNA
Jinxawoo (2:20:47 AM): suka is bitch in russian
Sparkie1214 (2:20:47 AM): buddy icons?
Sparkie1214 (2:20:52 AM): ur good
Sakurachix (2:20:55 AM): that took u awhile
Sparkie1214 (2:21:13 AM): hey at least she probably gets the joke!
Jinxawoo (2:21:13 AM): hur?
Sparkie1214 (2:21:22 AM): ok i have a joke for u guys
Sakurachix (2:21:27 AM): k
Sparkie1214 (2:21:32 AM): where do burger king and dairy queen live?:-D
kitycatkitkat (2:21:32 AM): boo!
Jinxawoo (2:21:36 AM): AHKSFJ:LSJKF:SDLF
Sparkie1214 (2:21:37 AM): OMG! dont do taht
Sparkie1214 (2:21:41 AM): you scared me
Sakurachix (2:21:41 AM): omg i hate this joke
Sparkie1214 (2:21:43 AM): haha
Sparkie1214 (2:21:51 AM): the answer is WHITE CASTLE!
Sakurachix (2:22:01 AM): i fucking dont get it
Sparkie1214 (2:22:16 AM): get it...get it?
kitycatkitkat (2:22:19 AM): hey, guess what all
Sakurachix (2:22:21 AM): no
Sparkie1214 (2:22:27 AM): u r soo SLOW
Sparkie1214 (2:22:30 AM): em that is
Sakurachix (2:22:32 AM): thanks
Sparkie1214 (2:22:34 AM): wat all
kitycatkitkat (2:22:39 AM): chicken butt
Sakurachix (2:23:04 AM): wow
Sparkie1214 (2:23:24 AM): lol
gavorama (2:24:12 AM): have you guys seen the movie constipated?
kitycatkitkat (2:24:17 AM): no
Sakurachix (2:24:20 AM): nope
gavorama (2:24:33 AM): it hasnt come out yet
Sakurachix (2:24:53 AM): have u guys seen the ringer i watched that today
kitycatkitkat (2:25:02 AM): nope
gavorama (2:25:14 AM): looked racy
kitycatkitkat (2:25:15 AM): but i did just draw a worm coming outta an apple w/a bird watching
Sparkie1214 (2:25:24 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (2:25:27 AM): g2g ttyl bi
gavorama (2:25:34 AM): pansie
Sakurachix (2:25:35 AM): bye bye julie
Sparkie1214 (2:25:43 AM): srry
Sparkie1214 (2:25:46 AM): im not going to bed
Sakurachix (2:25:54 AM): where are u going
Sparkie1214 (2:25:57 AM): but i have a feeling im gonna get in trouble with the rent
Sparkie1214 (2:26:02 AM): rents**
Sakurachix (2:26:08 AM): rents?
Sparkie1214 (2:26:12 AM): parents
Sparkie1214 (2:26:14 AM): DUH
Sakurachix (2:26:18 AM): oh
Sparkie1214 (2:26:25 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (2:26:25 AM): lol
Sparkie1214 (2:26:32 AM): talk to u guys later then
gavorama (2:26:34 AM): wow....
Sparkie1214 (2:26:39 AM): it was fun while it lasted
Sakurachix (2:26:39 AM): bye bitch
gavorama (2:26:40 AM): dope lingo
Sparkie1214 (2:26:45 AM): thank u
Sparkie1214 (2:26:49 AM): bi baka onna
Sakurachix (2:26:56 AM): aww so sweet
Sparkie1214 (2:27:04 AM): lol i know
Sakurachix (2:27:41 AM): my hair smells really good
gavorama (2:27:44 AM): so
gavorama (2:27:46 AM): what is up
(2:27:50 AM) Sparkie1214 has left the room.
kitycatkitkat (2:27:56 AM): mooo
gavorama (2:28:25 AM): CAW!
Sakurachix (2:28:34 AM): so who are u people i have been like talking to u and i dont even know who u r
kitycatkitkat (2:28:35 AM): bark
gavorama (2:28:41 AM): meow
kitycatkitkat (2:28:45 AM): oink
gavorama (2:29:08 AM): slither
kitycatkitkat (2:29:16 AM): slither?
gavorama (2:29:22 AM): yeah
gavorama (2:29:27 AM): the sound giraffes make
kitycatkitkat (2:29:30 AM): oh
kitycatkitkat (2:29:31 AM): okay
gavorama (2:29:37 AM): DUH
gavorama (2:29:55 AM): sha-nan-on is simming again
gavorama (2:30:23 AM): simma dow now!
kitycatkitkat (2:30:29 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (2:30:32 AM): my mum's name is dow
gavorama (2:30:48 AM): i feel sorry for her
gavorama (2:32:30 AM): so....
kitycatkitkat (2:32:33 AM): my mum?
gavorama (2:32:46 AM): yeah
kitycatkitkat (2:32:49 AM): dont
kitycatkitkat (2:32:53 AM): she's a bitch
gavorama (2:33:11 AM): im sorry
gavorama (2:34:04 AM): i wanna name my son gir
kitycatkitkat (2:34:05 AM): ja, w/e
kitycatkitkat (2:34:09 AM): son?
gavorama (2:34:14 AM): yes
kitycatkitkat (2:34:20 AM): i thought you were a virgin
gavorama (2:34:29 AM): my son to be
kitycatkitkat (2:34:36 AM): lol
gavorama (2:36:10 AM): gavin in the sky with diamonds....
gavorama (2:36:20 AM): good song
Jinxawoo (2:36:28 AM): im going to watch old school now
Jinxawoo (2:36:29 AM): bbl
Jinxawoo (2:36:33 AM): but i will be back
kitycatkitkat (2:36:37 AM): lol
kitycatkitkat (2:36:41 AM): sure shannon
gavorama (2:36:51 AM): :(
gavorama (2:37:31 AM): same
kitycatkitkat (2:39:03 AM): damn
kitycatkitkat (2:39:05 AM): gavin is gone
kitycatkitkat (2:52:46 AM): I'm all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:52:51 AM): all by myself
kitycatkitkat (2:53:00 AM): there is no one here beside me
kitycatkitkat (2:53:01 AM): im all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:53:06 AM): quite, all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:53:12 AM): no one to comfort me or guide me
kitycatkitkat (2:53:17 AM): why is there no one here with me
kitycatkitkat (2:53:26 AM): on the long and winding road
kitycatkitkat (2:53:32 AM): to lift my heavy load
kitycatkitkat (2:53:37 AM): f there were someone here with me
kitycatkitkat (2:53:41 AM): how happy i would be
kitycatkitkat (2:53:46 AM): but im alone
kitycatkitkat (2:53:49 AM): quite all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:53:54 AM): all by myself im all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:54:38 AM): I'm all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:54:42 AM): All by myself
kitycatkitkat (2:54:47 AM): I cannot face tomorrow
kitycatkitkat (2:54:50 AM): I'm all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:54:54 AM): So all alone
kitycatkitkat (2:54:58 AM): No one to share my sorrow
(3:22:33 AM) Sakurachix has left the room.
kitycatkitkat (3:22:47 AM): so i said to the guy
kitycatkitkat (3:22:47 AM): no
kitycatkitkat (3:22:51 AM): i dont want the candy
kitycatkitkat (3:23:11 AM): but he wouldnt listen
kitycatkitkat (3:23:16 AM): and he grabbed me
kitycatkitkat (3:23:19 AM): and threw me in the car
kitycatkitkat (3:23:22 AM): and drove away
kitycatkitkat (3:23:30 AM): and so i was sitting there
kitycatkitkat (3:23:42 AM): eatting the candy
kitycatkitkat (3:23:47 AM): and then i passed out
kitycatkitkat (3:23:51 AM): and i woke up in a hooker outfit
kitycatkitkat (3:23:57 AM): down by the docks
kitycatkitkat (3:24:15 AM): and he told me that i was his bitch
kitycatkitkat (3:24:18 AM): and to go make him money
kitycatkitkat (3:24:20 AM): and so i did
kitycatkitkat (3:24:30 AM): i wnet out and had hot crazzy sex with a bunch of people
kitycatkitkat (3:24:36 AM): and i gave them all aids
kitycatkitkat (3:24:39 AM): but i had a cure for it
kitycatkitkat (3:24:43 AM): so i cured myself
kitycatkitkat (3:24:45 AM): and now im all
kitycatkitkat (3:24:46 AM): better
kitycatkitkat (3:24:47 AM): and now
kitycatkitkat (3:24:57 AM): whenever creepy old guys offer me candy
kitycatkitkat (3:24:57 AM): i take it
kitycatkitkat (3:25:27 AM): .^
kitycatkitkat (3:25:32 AM): * ^.^
Jinxawoo (3:42:06 AM): and now?
kitycatkitkat (3:42:37 AM): idk

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tooth Paste????

So ja, once more, I wake and get on the computer. Big surprise, no? Anywho, I got to thinking about remembering and memories and such, and remembered something that happend when i was somewhere between three and five years old, and I shall share it with you.

As a small tyke, I often times had very compulsive urges for random things. It usually fit into one of three catagories: Organization, Hygene or Patterns. Well, usually once a week or so I'd go into ragging tooth hygene crazes which consisted of brushing my teeth for a few hours.

One day I go get my tooth brush and put my deliciously blue and sparkly lil kid's tooth paste on it and go up stairs to watch TV and brush my teeth. On my way up the stairs I tripped, as I often did, and I got bright blue tooth paste on the light brown rug. I don't know why, but I couldn't clean it up, so I wiped as much as I could off with my finger and washed off my hand, leaving a large amount of tooth paste still on the stair's rug. I started brushing my teeth. I stopped a hour or two later.

After a while, I went downstairs to find a large blog of dried tooth paste spread on the rug. I freaked out because it was very clearly visable and I thought I would get in a large amount of trouble for it. I thought of everything I could do to get rid of the tooth paste, but being young and frantic, I couldn't think of anything. I'd taken up the habit of napping, and sometimes sleeping on the stairs, and I thought the best thing to do, at the time, was to hide it, so I ran and got a pillow and went to sleep on the stair with the tooth paste. When I woke up no one knew about it, though, no one had gone down the stairs. Facing the fact, in tears, that I couldn't hide it forever by sleeping on the stairs, so I gave up in hopes that no one would notice at all.

The next day my mum came and asked me if I knew what the blue stuff on the rug was. I told her I didn't. At that age I thought my lying skills to be that of the best, though, in reality, they probably sucked tremendiously, heh. However, she seemed to beleive me. So I moved on.

For the next week I couldn't stop thinking about the dried tooth paste on the stairs. It haunted me until the tooth paste dissapeared. I didn't think much of it then, but now I think our house keeper must have cleaned it up. I forgot about it all for a while, and then every now and then the memory of it and the feelings of guilt come back to me. I find it interesting that something so little and rather insignifigant can effect me so. Hmm.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pre-Surgery; birthday; father's day; random crap

So ja, I wake up today about 10 minutes before my alarm clock dosn't go off at 7 or 8 am and before I can even gather my thoughts a clap of thunder was sent flying through my ears. It was raining. So, as with my daily routine, if I remember, I turn on channel 4 news. I don't know why, probably just because it's what my dad's always watched, but I can only really watch the news that's on channel 4....hmm...but I mildly watch the news, going in and out of it, while I did random things on the computer, most of which I can't remember. I went in and out of conciousness until my mum called telling me she was picking me up. So she came and got me about 12 so we could celebrate my birthday late, and celebrate father's day earlier for my grandpa. I get there, it's boring, yada yada, my mum's making keish and soup. I had a glass bottle of orange soda in the icebox so my stepdad, Henry, pulled it out for me, though I actually would have prefered water, lol, and the bottle looks just like a beer bottle, actually a brand my parents drink, ha, but my grandparents thought that I was drinking beer for a little bit. Eventually one of my stepbrothers, Harley, came by for a while. After we ate he and I were just sorta sitting in one of the rooms that no one was in and talked. It started about about his jobs, and progressed through being sick, to parties, to tattoos, to doing something with both our lives, to moving in with siblings, to school, to all kinds of things. He works at two restaurants, one pays about $80 a day, the other about $200 . I wish I got that kind of money, it would be so much easier...until I had to provide for myself completly, then it still might be hard. He fell asleep just when things started up again and so Henry woke him up and we ate keylime pie, {insert witty comment here}. About 4pm everyone left......

At 6pm I went to my friend Kyle's "pre-surgery party". It was fun. Her family took everyone out to eat at a restaraunt called Texican, Kyle couldn't get over the fact that they just too the 'M' out of 'Mexican' and replaced it with a 'T'. She's kind of crazy like that. In the group there were two vegitarians(including me) and one muslim so we asked if they cooked their food with lard or vegitable oil. It was all cooked in lard XD. I ended up getting this taco salad thing with out meat, it was okay, but it was HUGE. We got back to Kyle's at about 8:30 or so and we played Cranium Turbo, or something like that. Me and Kyle were on a team, man we had some fun losing, heh. We kept getting the green cards, which are about acting and actors and charrades and all that jazz. We suched, heh. There were plently of fun ones, some too completcated or vauge and what not to explain. It we played the game until 11pm and even then we hadn't completly finished it, heh. So ja, after we all left....I got home.

Here I am.....sitting at my comp seems like that's all I do lately....sit at my computer, try not to sleep, not eat, drink water, not draw, talk to people on aim, and sometimes hang out with people, which I actually need to do more of, but can't really. >.>' I also don't seem to be remembering lately. I don't think I really want to actually, I don't know why completly, but I know partly.

Yay, one of my favorite movies is on. Big Fish. I love the movie, it connects to me. I love the filming style, the actors, the story, the feel, the look, the sets, the mood, the voices, all of it. I love everything that's in it. It's awsome. It makes me feel good. ^.^ I love how it connects the stories with memories too, because it's how my mind works a lot of times. "It's common knowledge that all towns of a certain size have a witch." It's a fun quote. "She'll make soap outta you! That's what she does. She makes soap outta you." Alas, so many great quotes, so little time.

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So my friend and I are talking, and we got talking about life, sort of. Like, what I should do with mine, jobs, that kind of thing. And it makes me wonder what I will end up doing because there's only a few things that interest me, but each one is limiting for my's confusing....I wonder what will happen with me, Will I do what I want to? Will I succede in what I do? Then I wonder, Will I be remembered, or forgotten, or what? I would like to be remembered frankly. One of my fears is being forgotten and abandonment so I want to be remembered for at least something. I don't want my exsistence to be truly meaningless. Think about it, what did Joe Brown do? No one can tell you, unless you personally knew him. Now, what did Black Beard do? You may not be able to tell me every little thing he did, but you can tell me who is was. The same with plently of other people too. Then there are the people that are remembered, but in a smaller area or circle. You can ask what they did, and someone that was, or is in that circle can tell you, but travel away from it, they can't. Then there are even the people that are only remembered by one or two people for something they did in the time they were known. You can ask them what the person did, but anyone else probably wouldn't be able to tell you. I want to be remembered in any of those forms, becuase it means I meant something to somebody, whether it was one person, or a city, or nation, or the world, or even farther.

Yay ranting. I'll end it here before I blather on about absolutly nothing.

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Friday, June 16, 2006


So ja, I'm trying out this blog thing. It seems interesting and possibly promising...... So for the sake of my frist update I'll tell about my day.

I just got a new computer, so when I woke up I got on it and played around on Deviant Art. I have a dev art , it's if you're interesting in looking at it. I read online comics, checked my myspace, talked to people on aim, checked my email, all that jazz. I somehow streched this short activity to last hours. Then, I went and hung out with my friends Cat and Keith. We sat around for a bit until Cat had to get home to make and eat dinner, so Keith and I went to hang out at my pool. He went swimming and we talked about a lot of stuff. We talked about him and his life, very interesting. Then we talked about me and the messed up crap in it right now. My mum called me and I have to hang out with her and my grandparents tomorow for a few hours and she got on my back about a few things that she says are surpose to happen, but legally arn't, yarr. So then I called my friend Kyle and we're going to hang out tomorow with a bunch of people to celebrate the surgery she's having. I must say, that may not be the best preperation for surgery, but at least I get to see for, yay, I havn't seen her in a while. Keith and I continued to talk and we decided that after my boyfriend broke up with me I need a girlfriend(I'm bi, btw). After a while Cat called again and we got together again and watched Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, because Cat had never seen it before! She'd never seen any of the Austin Powers movies! The movie ended and we started watching Jarassic Park 3 on TV, then we left and I went home and here I am.

My wasn't that an abrupt ending duckies? Well, I'm sure it was riddled with grammar spelling and such errors, anything I write usually is, so I'm sorry in advance. Well, I suppose that's an entry.

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